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Water Technology Solutions is vital to a safe and sanitary workplace

Corporate Offices, Hotels, Gyms, Work Places and Schools are establishing new policies for creating a safe and sanitary environment.

A vital aspect of the post-COVID workplace is safe hydration. Water Technology Solutions drinking water systems utilize touchless technology to provide virus-free and bacteria-free water through a recessed dispenser that eliminates cross-bottle contamination. Now, employees, members, guests, and students can safely maintain optimal hydration.

Speak to a WTS Water Expert Now! (818) 584-8184

The benefits are endless

Cut Water Costs

Water Technology Solutions clients typically save up to 50% versus office water delivery. Without the hassles of storing and lifting bottles!

Drink Cleaner Water

A Water Technology Solutions office water cooler uses state-of-the-art reverse osmosis filtration technology to provide mineral-infused and electrolyte-enhanced WATER.

Sustainable Solutions

Reduce your environmental footprint: stop adding plastic jugs to landfills and relying on gas-guzzling delivery trucks by switching to Water Technology Solutions!

Why Water Technology Solutions?