Frequently Asked Questions

  • What medicines can be used with the MediMixer?

    With all medicines you must consult with your doctor and pharmacist before mixing any medicine in the MediMixer.

  • Is it easy to clean?

    Yes, the MediMixer is designed to be easily taken apart and cleaned.

  • Do I need to clean the MediMixer each time we use it.

    Yes, the MediMixer should be cleaned before each use to avoid cross contamination.

  • Can I use the MediMixer for liquid or tablets?

    Yes, the MediMixer is designed to crush tablets through the pill crusher or you can use it to pour in liquid medicine.

  • Should I consult with my child's doctor, my child's pediatrician and pharmacist before mixing and or grinding anything in the MediMixer?

    Yes, you should consult with your child's doctor, your child's pediatrician and your pharmacist before mixing and or grinding anything in the MediMixer.

  • Is adult supervision required when my child is using the MediMixer?

    Yes, Adult supervision is required when using the MediMixer.

  • Can all medicines be crushed or blended together with a flavored beverages?

    In some circumstances there are some time release medicines that can not be used in the MediMixer. There are also certain drinks with high acidity levels that can not be mixed with medicine. BEFORE using the MediMixer to grind or mix any medications with a liquid, you MUST consult with your child's Doctor, your child's pediatrician and your pharmacist.

  • Does the pill crusher turn the pill to powder?

    Yes, the pill is completely pulverized and turned in to a powder.

  • What is the value of the reward tickets?

    The value of the reward tickets is determined by you. Make it something that is encouraging to your child. You can make it a dollar value or maybe a trip to a favorite candy or ice cream shop. It can be anything that you and your child feel is a value. Have fun with it.